Cloud Enablement and Strategy

Accelerate Digital Transformation with Cloud-First Strategy
Advance your digital transformation journey with a “cloud-first” strategy that considers cloud solutions before any other for new or updated applications.
In a digital business, a lot relies on IT. Having a robust, secure and reliable platform to build your transformational services upon is essential to discovering new revenues streams and better meeting the needs of customers.
Most major cloud services have the technology and skills to mitigate outages and slowdowns because downtime can be a disaster for a digital business.
Cloud infrastructure capabilities can adapt to processing needs, which, in turn, simplifies IT administration and reduces cost because organizations don’t have to pay for data, information and assets that sit idle during periods of lower demand.
Cloud-based object storage easily accommodates unstructured information like video and image files, making it possible to combine these non-traditional data types with mission-critical data to discover new insights about customers and markets.
Data stored in the cloud is protected against security breaches. As organizations face increasing threats with malware, the cloud aids in minimizing the risk of downtime. IT staff can work on other high priority work with a back-up, security and data resiliency plan in place.

Many organizations struggle to determine the Cloud strategy that best suits their needs. We work closely with our customers to determine their objectives, both from business and technical perspective.

We work with leading cloud solution providers to offer the following solutions:

Cloud Design and Selection
Cloud Migration Planning and Implementation
Cloud Operations, Governance and Controls

Our cloud specialists will work hand in hand with your organization to assess your current environment and propose the best cloud strategy and solutions that will put your business ahead.